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    Inclusive Design Strategy

    A successful built project needs to start with a clear vision which has inclusive design at its heart. An environment that can be used and enjoyed by the vast majority of people irrespective of age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion / belief, relationship status or maternity status.


    BS 8300-1:2018 Part 1: External environment - Code of practice and

    BS 8300-2:2018 Part 2: Buildings - Code of practice

    Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment make reference to the term Inclusive Design Strategy. They recommend that a detailed inclusive design strategy is implemented through the typical project stages from the strategic vision at the outset through to long-term occupancy and end user / public feedback.


    Please get in touch to discuss how I can be your inclusive environment champion moving forward.



    Plan Design Reviews

    I carry out comprehensive desk top plan reviews of proposals during the early design stages. This can be carried out with your CAD .dwg format drawings or I can work from your scale PDF drawings.

    When carrying out an architectural inclusive design review, I carefully assess drawing packages, including the specification of fixed interior elements, signage and F,F&E, against the design guidance in the Building Regulations Approved Document K: Protection from falling, collision and impact and Approved Document M: Access to and use of buildings. Ideally, an inclusive design and access consultant would be involved during the early RIBA work stages and throughout the design process through to occupation, as recommended in the British Standards BS 8300.


    I will also advise on the client's duties in relation to the Equality Act 2010 and how these relate to the Building Regulations Approved Documents K & M.

    For clients who would like a higher level of detailed assessment, I am able to cross reference the design proposals against the current versions of the British Standards BS 8300 and advise of any recommendations;

    BS 8300-1:2018 Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment - Part 1: External environment - Code of practice

    BS 8300-2:2018 Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment - Part 2: Buildings - Code of practice.


    An inclusive design review is a cost effective way to help ensure that the finished built scheme will be inclusive to the vast majority of people and will be accessible.

    Inclusive Interior Design Consultancy

    As a professional interior design consultant, I can also help you with current best practice design and specification for your truly inclusive interior space.


    If you have your own design team, that's great. I can help with any questions you or your design team may have.



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