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    Access Strategies for Building Control

    Access Strategies / Statements for Building Control

    I have extensive experience in writing successful Access Statements, more recently referred to as Access Strategies, in support of your Building Control submission.


    The Building Regulations 2010 Approved Document M Volume 2 - Buildings other than Dwellings makes reference to the term Access Strategy. A written Access Strategy is useful where design proposals diverge from the guidance in the Approved Document. The Access Strategy should demonstrate how compliance with Part M of the Building Regulations can be achieved by reference to the appropriate British Standard or relevant research evidence.


    The British Standards BS 8300-1:2018 Part 1: External environment - Code of practice and

    BS 8300-2:2018 Part 2: Buildings - Code of practice

    Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment both make reference to the term Access Strategy. An access strategy can also demonstrate compliance with BS 8300 and with the initial Inclusive Design Strategy developed at the very start of the project.


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